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The research group Pharmacology of the Inner Ear examines strategies to deliver drugs to the auditory system in order to improve the performance of the cochlear implant by protecting the auditory neurons and residual sensory cells as well as reducing fibrous tissue reactions. We are identifying relevant drug targets, kinetics and pharmacotherapies in addition to development and testing of suitable drug delivery systems. Our methodology covers the whole range from in vitro cell culture and explant studies via in vivo research onto clinical trials conducted in cooperation with the German Hearing Center Hannover and the Hannover Clinical Trial Center.

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The spectrum of our methods reaches from

cell culture (neuronal survival and neuritogenesis in dissociated spiral ganglion cells and spiral ganglion explants, L929, SHY5Y-cells, PC12-cells)

to in vivo pathology models (NIHL, aminoglycoside induced HL, ARHL, electrode insertion trauma)

and clinical trial conduction (drug trial, medicinal product).

The drug application varies from pump based delivery of proteins and dexamethasone, implant coating with drug releasing polymers and hydrogels, intratympanic or intacochlear polymer injection via cell based strategies (hMSC in hydrogel or ARPE-19 cells in cytoreactors) and printing of individualized drug delivering implants.

We perform electrophysiological measurements such as AABR, EABR, eCAP, impedance spectroscopy and histological analysis using paraffin or technovit sections, grinding or CLSM imaging of cleared cochleae.

Contact Information:

Verena Scheper
Pharmacology of the Inner Ear
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
Stadtfelddamm 35
30625 Hannover


Phone: +49 511 532 4369
Mail: scheper.verena(@)

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