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Rau Th. S., Witte S., Uhlenbusch L., Kahrs L.A., Lenarz Th., Majdani O. (2021): Concept description and accuracy evaluation of a moldable surgical targeting system. J. Med. Imag. 8(1), 015003. [; doi]

GraficalAbstract Schurzig D., Timm M.E., Majdani O., Lenarz Th., Rau Th. S. (2021): The Use of Clinically Measurable Cochlear Parameters in Cochlear Implant Surgery as Indicators for Size, Shape, and Orientation of the Scala Tympani. Ear and Hearing. epub [; doi; IF: 3.129].

  • Highlights
    • µCT imaging and analysis of intracochlear geometrical variations
    • 15 detailed, 3D cochlear models investigated in terms of scalae height, cross-sectional size, and rotation
    • strong intracochlear anatomical variations could be observed
    • demand for highly flexible and self-adapting cochlear implant electrode array design

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