Prof. Dr.-Ing. Waldo Nogueira

The App offers an original method to listen and interact with new music compositions for cochlear implants.



This App focuses on the ability to identify melodic contours. It can be used for training or testing purposes. The app offers the originial and a simplifed version of the melodic contour patterns designed by Galvin et al. (2007) with nine or five possible melodic contours. All notes in the melodic contour patterns were from a sung speech corpus that was created for this app and was sung by a trained female singer. The has been developed for Android operating system and will be published in Google Play.

Open source algorithms & models

GitHub repositories for different projects carried out at the APG.

Paper Repository
Gajecki et. al., 2022 Deep ACE 2.0
Gajecki & Nogueira, 2022 Deep Fusion Layers
Alvarez & Nogueira, 2022 SAMII
Kipping & Nogueira, 2022 Single-fiber EAS model
Gajecki & Nogueira, 2022 Deep ACE 1.0
Nogueira & Dolhopiatenko, 2020 Selective attention DNN
Langner et. al., 2020 Loudness model

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Waldo Nogueira

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