Daniel Kipping

Daniel Kipping

Research employee

Research and Interests

  • Electric-acoustic stimulation (EAS)
  • Auditory masking
  • Psychoacoustic and electrophysiologic measures in CI subjects
  • Computational modeling - models of the auditory periphery
  • Auditory nerve fiber discharges driven by acoustic or electric stimulation


READIHEAR - European Research Council (ERC), Grant agreement ID: 101044753, PI: Waldo Nogueira

Peer-reviewed Journal Publications:

Conference contributions (first author):

Supervision of students

  • Y. Zhang (2023): Evaluating electrophysiological and behavioral measures of neural health in cochlear implant users based on a parametric computational model of an electrically stimulated cochlea. Master’s thesis. Supervisor: D. Kipping. Examiners: Prof. P. Junker & Prof. W. Nogueira.

  • Y. Zhang (2021): A Model of the Electrically Stimulated Auditory Nerve. Project work. Supervisor: D. Kipping.

  • B. Bayazid (2021): Ein computergestütztes Modell der neuronalen Aktivität mit einem Hörnervimplantat (ANI). Master’s thesis. Supervisor: D. Kipping. Examiners: Prof. P. Wriggers & Prof. W. Nogueira.

Research employee:
Daniel Kipping

DHZ-Deutsches HörZentrum Hannover
Karl-Wiechert-Allee 3
30625 Hannover
Phone: +49 (0)511 532 3927
E-Mail: Kipping.Daniel@mh-hannover.de

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