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* Doll T, Yilmaz-Bayraktar S, Foremny K, Stieghorst J, Lenarz T: Future CI fabrication and beyond - a roadmap full of construction sites; 2019 H4All Symposium, Hannover.

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Conferences 2016

EnFI 2016 - Engineering of Functional Interfaces

  • Poster & Abstract: G. Leuteritz, W. Kossow, J. Stieghorst and T. Doll: Analysis of Bonding Strength and Spreading of Multilayer Silicone Rubber Interfaces for Medical Rapid Prototyping
  • Poster & Abstract: W. Kossow, G. Leuteritz, J. Stieghorst and T. Doll: Investigation of Silicone Rubber Interfaces for Medical Rapid Prototyping
  • Poster & Abstract: K. Tegtmeier, D. Manikowski, B. Andrée and T. Doll: Cell recording on wet etched carbon nanotube-silicone rubber electrode surfaces
  • Poster & Abstract: L. Guntenhöner, K. Tegtmeier and T. Doll: BDNF diffusion through membranes for guided neurite growth
  • Poster & Abstract: A. Winter, K. Tegtmeier, D. Schaudien, T. Tillmann, S. Rittinghausen, C. Dasenbrock, S. Kurt and T. Doll: Biocompatibility of Carbon nanotube silicone rubber in animal model (mouse)
  • Poster & Abstract: J.P. Marcoleta, W. Nogueira and T. Doll: Distributed multiplexing system for ECoG

Eurosensors 2016

  • Poster & Abstracts: K. Tegtmeier, F. Borrmann and T. Doll: Wet-etch induced changed in impedance of carbon nanotube-silicone rubber electrode materials for active implants, 2016
  • Poster & Abstracts: J. Stieghorst, D. Beckmann and T. Doll: Hydrogel-Based Actuation for Modiolar Hugging Cochlear Implant Electrode Arrays, 2016

BMT 2016 - Dreiländertagung der Biomedizinischen Technik

  • Presentation: K. Tegtmeier, F. Borrmann, D. Manikowski, B. Andrée, T. Lenarz and T. Doll: Changes in impedance and cell recording by surface etching of a carbon nanotube-silicone rubber electrode material


Deutscher HNO-Kongress - 86. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für HNO-Heilkunde

  • Poster: Selbstkrümmender Elektrodenschaft für Cochlea Implantat Elektrodenträger; J. Stieghorst, S. Meinen, J. Drewke, E. Stockburger, Th. Lenarz, T. Doll, 2015
  • Poster: Flexibles Carbon Nanotube basiertes Elektrodenmaterial zur Anwendung in Cochlea Implantaten; K. Tegtmeier, F. Golly, W. Saleh, T. Lenarz und T. Doll, 2015

EnFI 2015 - Engineering of Functional Interfaces

  • Poster & Abstract: Evaluation of the bonding strenght between a silicone rubber / polyimide interface for cochlear implants; D. Majaura, F. Borrmann, J. Stieghorst and T. Doll
  • Poster & Abstract:Silicone rubber spreading during infrared curing for inividually shaped neural implant fabrication; J. Stieghorst, c. Margenfeld and T. Doll
  • Poster & Abstract: Neural interfacing via track etch membrane of cell model mediated by human growth factors; L. Guntenhöner, K. Tegtmeier, J. Stieghorst and T. Doll
  • Poster & Abstract: Investigation of silicone rubber removal from carbon nanotubes by means of wet and dry etching; K. Tegtmeier, T. Doll

BMT 2015 - 49th DGBMT annual conference

  • Presentation: Accelerated active implant degradation in proteinated artificial body fluids; F. Benjamin, F. Riedel, N. Sendler, G. Pohlmann, C. Dasenbrock, T. Lenarz, B. Glasmacher and T. Doll

MSTK15 - MikroSystemTechnik Kongress 2015

  • Poster: Untersuchung der Elektrischen Leitfähigkeit von Kohlenstoffnanoröhrchen durch Silikonschichten; K. Tegtmeier and T. Doll


BMT 2014 - 48th DGBMT annual conference

  • Presentation: Biocompatible and actuated Carbon Nanotube-based electrodes for advanced neural interfacing; K. Tegtmeier, J. Stieghorst, P. Aliuos, O. Majdani, T. Lenarz, T. Doll; 2014
  • Presentation: Path to construct synthetic synapses for enhanced electrode-nerve interaction in neuroprostheses; S. Ebrahimpoor, C. Zeilinger,T. Doll, T. Lenarz, P. Aliuos

EnFI 2014 - Engineering of Functional Interfaces

  • Poster & Abstract: Functional gliding interface inside a micro-structured polymer impant; S. Meinen, E. Stockburger, J. Stieghorst, M. Möller, T. Doll; 2014
  • Poster & Abstract: Characterization and improvement of carbon nanotube - silicone rubber interfaces for neural implants; K.Tegtmeier, N.Burblies, T. Doll; 2014
  • Poster & Abstract: Electrode-nerve interface: Enhancement of neural cell adhesion by means of CNT; P. Aliuos, A. Bondarenkova, J. McCaughey, J. Stieghorst, K.Tegtmeier, T. Doll; 2014
  • Poster & Abstract: 3D silicone rubber interfaces in individually shaped neural implants; J-Stieghorst, J. McCaughey, T. Doll

CI 2014 - 13th International Conference on Cochlear Implants and Other Implantable Auditory Technologies

  • Presentation: Routes towards closing the auditory implant feedback loop; T. Doll, P. Aliuos, V. Pikov, D. McCreery, J. Stieghorst, T. Lenarz; 2014
  • Presentation: Hydrogel-based self-bending mechanism for cochlear implants; J. Stieghorst, T. Rau, O. Majdani, G. Sadakowski, T. Doll
  • Presentation: Carbon nanotube-based interfacing of neural structures; K. Tegtmeier, O. Lammers, P. Aliuos, D. Ricci, T. Doll; 2014


EnFI 2013 Engineering of Functional Interfaces

  • Poster & Abstract: Internal interfaces: Surfmounting the percolation limits in CNT-based electrodes; M.Schickedanz, J. Stieghorst, P. Alious, G. Paasche, T. Doll
  • Poster & Abstract: 3D hybrid functional polymer interfaces in medical implants; J. Stieghorst, R. Lüpke, P. Aliuos, T. Doll
  • Poster & Abstract: Carbon nanotube-liquid silicone rubber (CNT-LSR) electrode surfaces for stimulating medical implants; K. Tegtmeier, F. Arbatschat, P. Aliuos, T. Doll

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