Members of the group in December 2016

Research Team
Portrait Dr.-Ing. Thomas S. Rau
Head of Research Group
Portrait M. Sc. Georg Böttcher
Research Engineer
Portrait M. Sc. Tim Ehmann
Research Engineer
Portrait M. Sc. Julia Kilian
Research Engineer
Portrait M. Sc. Viktor Schell
Research Engineer
Portrait M. Geraldine Zuniga, MD
Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgeon
Associated Staff
Portrait Prof. Dr. Omid Majdani
Portrait Dr. Martina Nullmeier
Senior Scientist
Cochlear Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
Portrait Dr. med. Rolf Salcher
Senior Otolaryngologist, Skull Base Surgeon
Portrait Max Eike Timm
ENT Resident
Portrait Shari Barati Medical Doctorate Thesis
Portrait Leon Budde Master Thesis
Portrait Tobias Blum Student Assistant
Portrait Malte Freiknecht Student Research Project
Portrait Lena Geiger Medical Doctorate Thesis
Portrait Jan Mairose Student Assistant
Portrait Christian Menke Medical Doctorate Thesis
Portrait Sina Witte Medical Doctorate Thesis
Former Staff
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Franziska Eckhardt
Portrait Dipl.-Ing. Lenka Harbach now: Bertrandt AG
M. Sc. Silke Hügl now: Vector Informatik GmbH
Portrait Dipl.-Ing. Marcel Kluge now: OtoJig GmbH (Hannover)
Portrait Dipl.-Ing. Jakob Lexow now: Part Time Scientists (Berlin)
M. Sc. Priyant Mane
Portrait Dr.-Ing. Daniel Schurzig now: MED-EL Deutschland (Hannover)
Portrait M. Sc. Nuha Suzaly
Portrait Dr. Wouter J. van Drunen now: Implandata Ophthalmic Products GmbH (Hannover)
Nina Aldag Student Research Project
Dr. med. Claas Baier Medical Doctorate Thesis
Portrait Jakob Cramer Student Assistant
Portrait Alexander Becker Master Thesis
Portrait Denise Blume Bachelor Thesis
Portrait Tim Ehmann Master Thesis
Portrait Till Gerking Medical Doctorate Thesis
Portrait Clemens Griemsmann Student Assistant
Mehran Heidel Medical Doctorate Thesis
Portrait Maximilian Henke Master Thesis
Portrait Christina Keller Student Research Project
Tobias Krail Master Thesis
Portrait Dr. med. Diana Kreul Medical Doctorate Thesis
Portrait Evelyn Pleger Medical Doctorate Thesis
Portrait Christoph Rostkowski Medical Doctorate Thesis
Portrait Katharina Rülander Internship, Master Thesis
Portrait Henrik Schädlich Student Assistant, Master Thesis
Veronika Shmatko Bachelor Thesis,
Katharina Spichal Medical Doctorate Thesis
Portrait Björn Spoida Master Thesis
Portrait Timo Stauß Bachelor Thesis
Portrait Lea Uhlenbusch Bachelor Thesis
Jan-Niklas Wellers Medical Doctorate Thesis
Portrait Jennifer Wozniak Student Research Project
Dr. med. Waldemar Würfel Medical Doctorate Thesis

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