Research Topics

Main Research Topics

Image acquisition

  • imaging of the inner ear and the lateral skull base
  • imaging of cochlear implants after insertion

Image processing and software development

  • visualization and processing of medical images
  • manually and semi-automated segmentation
  • trajectory planning
  • bone thickness calculation and visualization
  • visualization of cochlear anatomy using rotating midmodiolar slice planes
  • software development using C++, VTK, ITK, Matlab, Mathematica, LabView

3D modelling

  • anatomica models of the lateral skull base and the surgical approach
  • finite element models of the human inner ear and the electrode array
  • physicial replica of the human inner ear (artificial cochlear model)

Medical device development and evaluation

  • surgical assistance devices for minimally invasive cochlear implantation surgery
  • surgical tools and medical devices such as
  • image-guided surgery systems
  • micro-stereotactic frames (surgical templates)
  • manual and automated insertion tools
  • drilling tools

CI electrode development

  • functionalization (shape memory inlays, fluid-mechanical actuators, tubular manipulators,...)
  • individualization (length, thickness, shape change,...)
  • virtual prototyping using finite element analysis
  • simulation and optimization of the individual insertion process

CI electrode characterization

  • using 3D bending test
  • determination of curling behavior
  • manual and automated insertion tests in
  • artificial cochlea models and
  • human temporal bone specimens
  • investigation of insertion forces and their correlation to
  • insertion speed
  • shape and size of the inner ear
  • histology and evaluation of insertion trauma

Methods and Expertise Used in our Lab

  • digital volume tomography (DVT)
  • micro-CT imaging
  • histological imaging ("3D histology" called Microgrinding)
  • Software Development (using Matlab, C++, VTK, ITK, Qt, Mathematica, LabView)
  • Finite-Element-Analysis (using ANSYS)
  • force measurement
  • 3D printing

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