Head of research group

Dr. med. vet. Verena Scheper, Veterinarian| scheper.verena(at)

Research Team

Dr. med vet. Jana Schwieger, Veterinarian | schwieger.jana(at)

Jasmin Bohlmann, technician | bohlmann.jasmin(at)

Christoph Pannier, Dentist, PhD student | pannier.christoph(at)

Noushin Kakuan, PhD Student, MD student | noushin.t.kakuan(at)

Katarina Klötzer, PhD Student, MD student

Lennart Ryll, FWJ | ryll.lennart(at)

We closely work together with Prof. A. Warnecke and Dr. Paasche and their lab teams. In VIANNA in NIFE we optimise our research by combining our lab spaces and other recources.

The team of all three working groups (not complete):
Picture Zellkulturteam

About The VIANNA research team