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Head of research group
Image Theo Doll Prof. Dr.-Ing. Theodor Doll doll.theodor(at)
Team Assistant
Image Bettina Goede Bettina Goede
Phone: +49 (0)511 5350 247
Technical Staff
Michaela Kreienmeyer Michaela Kreienmeyer kreienmeyer.michaela(at)
Research Team
Dipl.-Ing. Juan Pablo Marcoleta marcoleta.juan(at)
Image Jan Stieghorst Dipl.-Ing. Jan Stieghorst stieghorst.jan(at)
Image Katharina Tegtmeier Katharina Tegtmeier, M.Sc. tegtmeier.katharina(at)
Ailke Behrens Bachelor Thesis
Fabian Borrmann, B. Sc. Student Assistent
Hazel Börgmann Internship
Lennart Guntenhöner Medical Doctorate Thesis
Steffen Hadeler Bachelor Thesis
Filip Jakimovski, B. Sc. Master Thesis
Wiebke Kossow, B. Eng. Master Thesis
Fabian Müller Bachelor Thesis
Tan Tan, B. Sc. Master Thesis
Eugen Zukin Student Assistent

About The VIANNA research team